Toetoe Upoko Tangata (Giant Umbrella sedge)

Cyperus ustulatus

Cyperus ustulatus is a vigorous native sharp-edged swamp grass (sedge) forming large clumps up to 2 m tall. It is found growing in damp open areas in coastal and lowland habitats, such seepages, stream sides, lagoon, and wetland and estuary margins.
It is common on the North Island, the north of the South Island, the South Islands West Coast and on the Kermadec islands. It is not common on the east coast of the South Island. It is rare on the Chatham Islands.
The tough, light green leaves are up to 1.2 m long and are 8-15 mm wide. The leaf, keel and stem margins have minute sharp teeth that can cause very deep cuts.
The stems sharply 3-angled.

NZCPN profile

Biodiversity enhancement

It is recommended to have a minimum of 5–6 species in one planting area. This creates a more resilient ecosystem in the long term.


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